include specific value does not changed in prop/evar

H_L 05-12-2018

The Language Code (prop, evar) and Document ID (prop, evar) are tracked in Adobe Analytics.

Now we would like to understand how many users: click to another language under SAME Document ID.

E.g. DocID: ANS000001, user view the ES version, but then s/he clicks the language button on the same page, select EN.

Following actions should not be included in the segment:

User views ES document ID: ANS0000001, then click Home, then click EN language button.

User views ES document ID: ANS0000001, then click another link to ANS0000002 in EN language.

In a word, in the next call, Document ID remains same, only Language Code is change.

So, how to set a segment to include specific value does not changed in prop/evar?

Please help to advise.

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pabloc82923542 06-12-2018

If prop and evar are lets say doc ID then you can decide if an event is really needed to highlight language check.

I would just use activity map link click or custom link click as I assume it will be a link on page that lets users change language.

You can then do an instance based report of language clicks correlated to ID page(s) to get stats that way.


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

pabloc82923542 05-12-2018

Without seeing the page(s) and its link and structure I will propose a solution you may want to investigate.

One question first, the document ID is it a page?

Users who will be on page and change their state by link clicks could be captured by use Activity map. This will allow you to map Link and region clicks on a page. You can then start to group them in segments so users who clicked link/region 1, then link/region 2. etc.

H_L 18-12-2018

Thanks Gigazelle for the reply, you are right, using the activity map page  and activity map link click is the most easy and ideal way after I tried others, then I don't need to ask IT team to implement new tracking codes, it will be long communications 😜


Tracking the 'change language' button click would be the most ideal way to track this. You could then pull a report using page as the dimension and 'language clicks' as a metric to see exactly what you're looking for.

Were you able to make any headway into getting that tracking request with your IT team?

H_L 05-12-2018


Thank you for the reply. It's very helpful thread.

Yes, it's a page like:, there is a prop and a evar records the Document ID, and all others.

I also considered to ask IT to track "change language" as an event, but have no idea whehter it's possible to set: only change language on the same page as the event.

Anyway, thank you for the idea.