create segment capture who visited 2 times last month

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Accepted Solutions (1)


That's correct. You could use segmentation where:

Visitor container where:

Site Section equals X

then after 1 visit

Site Section equals X

Set the date range of your project to the last 14 days and you're golden.

Answers (8)

Answers (8)

rickyffff 22-11-2018

isnt that visit number is the total number of times each visitor visits your site?

If the visitor first visited in 3 month ago, and 2nd visit in last 2 month, then he/she would still included in your segment.

laetizia_w 22-11-2018

yes but that segments would still not say that 2 visits must have been done to the specific sitesection. the user could see sitesection a in visit 1 and site section b in seconde visit. Then this visitor would be included because the user had 2 visits and at least one hit in sitesection a

pabloc82923542 22-11-2018

Correct I added caveat

(you can add specific sections if needed to be more precise.)

If you wanted to include visits to a specific section then change "exists" in bottom part to "equals" and name the section(s)

laetizia_w 22-11-2018

but your segment says only to show visitors who have visited during that time with 2 visits and Level1, but this segment is not saying that within the 2 visits the same section must happen. I thought the questions was to see Visitors who have seen at least twice a specific site section, or am I misunderstanding something?

pabloc82923542 21-11-2018

The problem is your segment is actually looking for a section defined as "2"

See screen grab below.

Pick time frame.

add visits number desired.

Add the fact a section needs to exist to be part of the users segment.(you can add specific sections if needed to be more precise.)Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 14.32.00.png