comscore & omniture. I cant login

fernandog188295 27-10-2017


Im triying to get into omniture, but there's a problem with my login. (i've attached a screenshot with error message) My profile is fgonzalezma. Im also triying to get an account in comscore but i can create one.

Although i have acces to adobe and all the programs, i cant get into omniture and comscore.

Can u give me one solution?

Hope for your'e answer

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


You will want to reach out to the individual or team that gave you the original credentials to your account. They will be able to best help you get back in. Adobe is limited in what we can do to provide credentials and reset passwords.

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Answers (1)


Hi fernandog18829500​,

Your post seems to be missing the screenshot. Please attach it again.

Also, provide the steps that you have followed to access the Analytics account.