classification builder - regex for multiple values that adjust

scottt6073095 10-07-2018

Hi All,

Having some difficulties figuring out how to create regex that adjusts to the number of groups.

I can have any number of parts ranging from 1 to 4





I tried this regex however it only returns the correct values if it has 4 capture groups, no more no less.



I tried the below regex however it does the same


is there regex logic that is flexible to the number of capture groups in a string? I would like to capture string that have groups up to 4 but may have 3 or 2.

any help would be highly appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

spencerh7639004 17-07-2018

Something like : ^(.+)\:(.+?)(\/|$)(.*?)(\/|$) (repeating (.*?)(\/|$) to the number of possible results will get you in even numbered fields the results you want.  So for 1-4:


You can see the results here:

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

JimKultgen 17-07-2018

I do something similar in which I essentially have a different rule for either 5 or 6 fields.  Not sure if there is a more robust way but this should be easy to build from for 2/3/4 fields.  As an FYI my deliminator is an underscore.


sample Regex.png