Wrong s.campaign values

marion33678522 30-08-2018

Hello Adobe Community,

I'm having a lot of trouble of finding the source of declaration of our s.campaign.

The only place I found is the custom code in our All Pages Rule. But I'm pretty sure that the code is correct.

In here we do a IF statement as it follows  on the custom code for Adobe Analytics :




Each data element takes their values from the URL.

The problem is that, I wrongly added default values to those so we could see clearly on the adobe Analytics front whenever there was missing information

When I noticed that every connection was adding a tracking code with a value "no medium|no source|no campaing|no term|no content" - which is logical since the condition in my if Statement is getting a default value- I rollbacked on my wrong Idea and took out the default values, at least for Medium and Source.

I though that thiswould correct all the problems, neverthless we are still getting tracking codes with all the default values, but I really cannot figure out what rule is doing this, and when I test this withhout any UTM values on my URL, I'm able to see that no evar0 (s.campaing) is being eclared.

So : Is it possible that the version with the roll back is not being send by the DTM ? what should I do ? this is a real head scracher, how come nothing came back to normality after rollbacking ?

Also, I cannot find exactly in which pages thes values are being declared. This should be easy using the Entry page dimension and the Tracking Code Instanciation, but this metric is not available in Adobe Analytics. Is this normal ?

Thanks for the inputs !

Cheers !

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pabloc82923542 30-08-2018

The s.camapign variable once it captures a "key" value, that value will always be visible during the date range of requested report.

Key value will never be deleted from within Analytics database. If your CMS or server changes/stops using the tracking code it would just stop populating live pages(unless and older 3rd party bookmark lets say with an older ID is accessed).

Your fix may have stopped live new instances. But users or another website may have picked up that bad(no source,medium URL).

To find the source URL of such bad IDs, if your Analytics needs to be setup to capture (actual URL) of a page then you could correlate ID to URL that triggered the ID.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

marion33678522 30-08-2018

Just came back from smoking a cigarette and thinking really deep into this...

And out of the blue I remembered that each Instance of a new tracking code expires after 30 days... So basically I'm seeing the wrong codes from before the roll back. I could nt think of this before because I was debugging only on the days after the roll back.. Is it this ? I mean, if a tracking code is declared the 1st of august , and I'm analysing the last week of august, I will still manage to see the codes from the 1st of August ?

Still, this does'nt explain why I'm not getting the associated metric "Tracking Code instances" on Adobe Analytics.

Cheers !