Workspace report with Infinity error

zsolt_a1 06-03-2019


I have a question regarding the workspaces. I have noticed that sometimes in Virtual Report Suites (where I have filtered for a special URL) an error occurs. When I add different new metrics.

The normal and correct view is this one:


the problem is that after adding a new metric like "average-time" or "bounce-rate" a new row appears with a wrong site from the report suite (but is nearly impossible that it appears there because I filtered for a specific url in the virtual report suite) as you can see the results is "0".

adding "average time" -> a new site appears, yellow marked (which should not appear)

adding another metric like "bounce-rate" -> another new sites appear (yellow marked):


Is there a solution for this to prevent this bug/behavior? (I don't want to filter the sites to hide them)
It makes no sense to show data that is "0" or a "infinity"

Maybe someone has an idea.

Thank you for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I think there is nothing you can do to hide those items from the VRS, as long as you use "unique visitors" or "visits" as metrics.

what happens: basically you are looking at "unique visitors" who has seen a bunch of pages. even if you apply the segment at hit-level, the user has still seen them and analytics knows about those pages.

that means, if you look at "pages" and "unique visitors", all pages will appear (since the visitor has visited them) but without any numbers (since your filter stops reporting those numbers).

this is a known "limitation" (or however you want to call it) and I think somewhere is an idea in the forum about "hide zero entries".

Answers (8)

Answers (8)

zsolt_a1 06-03-2019

And as an additional info: in the report section under "sites" and "Page URL (full)" there are no wrong URLs. Only the one I segmented. So thats correct there.

zsolt_a1 06-03-2019

Even if I take Page URL Full segment on the table (by dropping it on the top) there are different subdomains from the report suite with "zero results" like in the screenshot above.

Maybe because I did not use https:// or http:// in the segment? just

Page URL (full) is the URL with "%window.location.href%"

Does this info help?

zsolt_a1 06-03-2019

Hi Ursboller,

yes in the "whole" reportsuite there are no zero results and I see every pages and new sites. It must be something with the VRS.

When I apply the vrs segment to the table the same happens in the whole report suite (not VRS)

There are also uniques, page views with zero data and the rows also filling up.

Thank you for your help.

zsolt_a1 06-03-2019

Hi Andrey,

thank you for your reply. I made a segment with "Show" "Hit", Page URL (full) contains ""
does it matter if it is an evar or a prop? The Data Preview on the right side also shows some data in the VRS (when creating)

After that I created a VRS chose the "whole" report suite and applied the new segment on the VRS and saved. And picked the new VRS and created a new workspace.

Thank you!


what happens if you add those metrics to the original report suite? do you see pages and numbers for new sites?

maybe compare by applying the segment from the VRS to the table (or a copy of the table to have both side by side)

I assume that it has to do with the other metrics Ou use (especially unique visitors) or it is a problem with the segment ...