Workspace PDF-Reports not shown properly

radoslaw_berger 07-06-2017


since a couple of days I'm facing problems when sending out Workspace-Reports as PDF.

Instead of getting the whole reports, I receive more like a screenshot, where scrollbars of the panels are shown (which are not usable obviously, hence i can't see the whole tables). Sometimes i dont even get the full report but just one page where the other panels are missing.

Is anyone having the same issues?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The issue here might be specific to your scenario and hence the optimal way to get this issue analyzed is through Adobe ClientCare. If you are a Supported User, you will be able to open a ticket by sending a mail to <>.

If you are not added as a Supported User, ask any of the Supported Users in your organization to open a ticket on your behalf and copy you in the thread.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

radoslaw_berger 08-08-2017

Try to expand/collapse the specific tables. Or collapse them, save, expand them again, save and try to download the report. This was the solution in my case.

wouterv52111672 01-08-2017

I have the exact same issue. I get a one pager that seems like a screenshot of the top of the workspace project. A bit silly that there is no decent way to get an export in Workspace...