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cathyw49544988 08-05-2018

I implemented the track of visitor ID by evar21 ="d=mid", prop21="D=mid"

when I did the analysis to a single cloud ID, I assume this is for one unique visitor / device. But it showed it has a lot of different IPs. I don't know how to explain this? use the same system login different WiFi?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Cathy,

On my understanding, Unique Visitor ID / MID is based on Device.

If the Device is connected to different IPs / Wifis it may have more IPs pointed to the same MID.

I searched for documents determining the MID but unable to get it.

Gigazelle​ Can you help?

Thank You


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Answers (1)


Arun is correct. A single mobile device, when connected via data, could have dozens of different IP addresses based on the location they're at.