Typed/Bookmarked in all the channels.

monika_dubey 21-03-2017


I am seeing the value 'Typed/Bookmarked' under all the channels including natural search and social network on breaking down the Last Touch Channel report by referring domains. How is that possible?

Is it correct to breakdown 'Last touch channel' report by 'Referring Domains'?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Løjmann 21-03-2017

Hi Monkia,

You should break down 'Last Touch Channel' with "Last Touch Channel Details", then you can see the dimension you specified when setting up the rules. The dimension may vary from marketing channel to marketing channel...

When you break down by other dimensions such as 'Referring Domains' or 'Tracking Code', you will see more than you expect (all values set within a visit)


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