To Lower Case Values

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Here's a new AA plugIn function that should do the trick.

Drop this function into your aa custom code with your other plugins.

//AA Plugin - forceLowerCaseMulti 1.0.0 - Stewart Schilling : Search Discovery Inc. : 7/15/2018

//When called, all s.props, s.eVars, s.listVars, s.pageName,, s.hier, and s.products

//values will be forced to lower case.

//The 's' object must be passed into the function.

s.forceLowerCaseMulti = function(s) {

  function filterS(key){

      var keyMatch=new RegExp(/(^eVar[0-9].*)|(^prop[0-9].*)|(^hier[1-5].*)|(^list[1-3].*)|(^pageName$)|(^channel)|(^products$)/);

      return (key.match(keyMatch));



    if (typeof s[key]==="string"){

        s[key] = s[key].toLowerCase();




Call it at the end of your doPlugins function like so:


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

SHIRINL26 23-07-2019


We used your code I think its lowering the dynamic variables as well

for example  - we are duplicating evar1 = prop1 and when we see the values pass in the debugger its showing as evar1 - d=c1. "D" has to be in uppercase. When seeing in reports we see d=c1 as a value begin pass and not the duplicate value.

Please suggest how we can overwrite it.




Processing Rules would be your best bet here and unfortunately they don't have a toLowerCase style functionality. Although I think that's a great forum idea for you to submit (hint hint).

For web:

DTM/Launch have the ability to set clean text and lower case in data elements, which I would recommend.

You could consider coding a solution in doPlugins that checks through the variables in the s object and applies toLowerCase to them one-by-one. I'm not familiar with a plugin that does this automatically.

For app:

I'm similarly not aware of a 'plugin' for the SDK that does this. Sounds like it might be worth your while to build one though.

Hope that helps!