Site Section Data suddenly reduced

alles40543848 08-11-2019

Hi Team,

I have few questions around Site Section Data:

Situations - Till Sept, my data for Site section was inline with the previous month's data. But suddenly from the month of October, data has largely reduced.

We have migrated the website from one cms to another, but I am not sure if that can hamper the data.

Assumptions - Site Section gets captured by default by Adobe.

Can anyone help and understand why this can be so and what can be done to understand, why this data is less?


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Accepted Solutions (1)


Site Section is not captured by default in analytics, you must pass the site section value using variable, I would test the webpage and see if variable is populated as intended in order to validate if it's implemented.

Site Sections

Hope that helps.

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Answers (10)


alles40543848​ notice in the screenshot below the channel variable is blank, meaning it;s not set on the page, your developer need to make sure a value should be set on the page if you want data to be shown in site section report, let me know if that helps, happy to help further



Seems like there is an issue with the documents at the moment, I would suggest to try in sometime, I have notified the document team about the same.

alles40543848 20-11-2019

Hi ankits28281247​,

The mentioned page is not getting loaded. I tried multiple browsers and also tried to search this information but landed on the same page.

Can you please screenshot the information or provide any other link with the same information.

Thank you


I would suggest to pass this document to them : Page variables

look for the channel in the document which has the implementation example of how to pass values in, usually a value is passed on the page in your analytics app measurement when a specific section of your website is browsed by the users:

Let me know if there are questions.

alles40543848 18-11-2019

ankits28281247​ Thank you so much for looking into this.This is for sure helpful, can you please guide me on what exactly to be told to my developer.

Like what generally goes into the code for the channel and is there anything specific which is to be declared in the line of codes for the same.

Thanks a bunch

alles40543848 14-11-2019



Can you please help look into this problem of mine.

It would be very helpful for me. I would be able to understand on how I can capture this data.

Thank You

alles40543848 13-11-2019

Thank you so much Ankit for looking into it.

I did look through the way you mentioned , but did not really understand where exactly to look at since, I am relatively new to implementation.

Can you please check on for site section and help me guide on how to proceed further.

Thanks a bunch


do you have a web page I can check, usually you can invoke the analytics library in developer console by hitting s_c_il and based on the array number you can access the variable you have implemented on analytics object.


alles40543848 11-11-2019

Hi Ankit,

Thank you for replying.

Can you please help me on how can I test that variable is populating on the webpage or not.

Also, how can I implement this on the webpage, as till September it was working fine and I did not do any changes and now data is not coming as intended.