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mattr19821159 22-01-2018


I was wondering how I would set up a new Site Section? Is this something I can manually do, or would I need a web developers assistance?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

appuriabhi 23-01-2018

Hi mattr19821159,

The site section is basically used used to broadly segregate the different sections/content groups on your site.
You can always manually add value (section name) to ( variable) if you're completely sure about current tagging.
If you're planning to dynamically capture and populate variable - Kindly try - Data Elements or get in touch with Web developer.


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Answers (1)


Dear Matt,

Do you already have values being passed to Site Section i.e.

If not, please refer the link Site Sections to implement.

Yes, you would need developer assistance to place the line items properly in the variable.

Thank You!