Segments missing in Adobe Data Warehouse

Mark_Adidas 01-08-2017


I'm experiencing trouble due to missing segments in the Data warehouse tool within Adobe Marketing Suite. Some of my segments simply are not present in the list on the Data Warehouse request page, while they are present in the segment library. Renaming them, or saving them as a new segment does NOT lead to the segments being added to the Data Warehouse segment list.

Solution requested urgently because I'm currently not able to extract data for my stakeholders.

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

JoeBlackwell 01-08-2017

Hi Mark

There are certain functionalities in segment builder which means they can't be used in Data Warehouse. For example any segment that use the exclude option or a sequential segment can't be used in data warehouse.

To check to see if a segment can be used in data warehouse open up the segment in segment builder. Then in the top right hand side of the screen under the visitor, visit, page view numbers is Product Compatibility. If you see data warehouse listed here then it can be used.


Hope this helps