Segment not filtering tracking code correctly

robertar7003854 04-04-2018


I am running into two concrete issues when creating a segment:

1. When I create the segment, I pull in tracking code, then "contains", and then I enter "emaildd", which is what all tracking codes I want to include contain. However, when I later look at the tracking codes included in the segment, I see that it also includes a tracking code that is vastly different and does not contain the phrase "emaildd" anywhere.

2. I created the same segment two ways, once my pulling in the tracking code, then selecting "contains" --> "emaildd", and the other one by pulling in the tracking code, then selecting "equals" --> "(..)emaildd_m" OR "equals" --> ".(..)emaildd_s"(entering the two long, exact tracking codes I want to include). I get different numbers for visits with both ways although they should be giving the exact same.

Does anyone have experience with these issues? Regarding #2, is there sampling applied to segments that could explain this?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

nickh86417692 04-04-2018

For scenario 1:

Are you building the segment to contain HITS where tracking code contains "emaildd", or is it VISITS or VISITORS. I suspect that your segment was built to contain visitors with "emaildd", which means if a person came to your site at any point with the "emaildd" tracking campaign, their entire visitor history will be included in your segment, and you'll be showing any other tracking codes that they've also interacted with, both before and after the "emaildd" tracking code.

Building your segments to show HITS where tracking code contains "emaildd" should solve this this for you.

For scenario 2:

When you build these two segments, can you place them side by side in a freeform table and break it down by tracking code? Are you seeing some tracking codes show up for one segment that aren't showing up in the other segment. That should help you troubleshoot the differences between the two segments and filter further from there. There isn't any sampling going on here, so the difference must be in your segment definitions.

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Answers (1)

kamgir 17-04-2018

Further to this question: If I want to see the user activity by a set of tracking codes and create the segment using HIT containers (conaints all those specific tracking codes), would it return the correct conversions. Tracking code instances would be fine as it is HIT based segment but if user went to other pages, and downloaded some assets, filled out forms, will those conversions from other pages be considered in this HIT based segment.