Segment for Visits with 2+ Distinct Page Views

djc286 19-12-2017

I'm trying to design a segment that tracks the number of visits to a section of a webpage that views two distinct pages within that section. I've tried using the Appox Count Distinct and Greater Than/GTOET and Less Than/LTOET functions and all either result in a 0, 1, or capture all visits to that section of the page.

Any ideas on segments/calculated metrics that can be used together to achieve this?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


You could exclude all single access visits, since a 'single access' is a visit containing a single unique page name value. If they have two page names that are the same, they would be considered a single access, and would be excluded from the segment.

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

mubarakd5726232 18-01-2018

I'd suggest another possible solution ..

Use getPreviousValue  .. and then trigger an event 'distinct x count' if value is different to the current page 

so .. assuming your pagenames are distinct (or you have article id or similar)

1st PV : getPreviousValue cookie would be empty so you'd set it to current page (distinct value) .. and would trigger distinct count

2nd PV : assuming they refresh the page it you wou;dn't trigger the event as previousValue would be same as current

3.rd PV : view another page .. you'd trigger event.

You could then create a Visit segment where 'distinct x count is y or greater than y

..sure not perfect as if they view the first page again after viewing a different page in between it would increment the count.  There is a solution for this too but it start getting a little more complex


You would want to classify your site into "blog" and "non-blog" categories, then segment out whichever ones you don't want to be part of the data set.

djc286 03-01-2018

A good thought and would get us closer, but since the blog lives within a larger site environment, there is a way to view one blog page and one non-blog page (and it happens a non-negligible amount) so those folks would still be included, correct?

djc286 21-12-2017

Thanks Arun. I actually need to ensure it's not two views of the same page. Is there some kind of distinct/unique function that would allow us to know that within one visit, there's two views of unique pages within their blog within one visit?