Segment creation from a list

patrickf4519157 17-06-2019


I have a list of 100 products that I would like to use in segment creation.  I'd like the segment to include all pages that contain any of the 100 products (essentially the product description pages).  How do I import a file with the product SKUs to build something like this?


Patrick Flynn

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi patrickf45191576​,

Currently there isn't a way to import file with the product SKUs to build a segment with 100 products. As an easy workaround, you can have all those 100 products in a text file separated by a space, copy them and then use "contains any of" condition in the segment - while pasting the copied 100 product SKUs.

So it will essentially look something like Products contains any of A B C D E F G H..... where A, B, C are product SKUs in this example.