Report Suite Limits

AlexandraBortos 19-02-2018


Does anyone know if Report Suite have traffic limits? For example the traffic that you track in a report suite can't exceed a certain number of hits?

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

alv123456 19-02-2018

There is a limitation depending on the contract you have. But it is not for report suites but overall. Should you exceed that limit you have to pay extra.

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Answers (1)

vijayakumar_raj 19-02-2018

Hi Alex,

I believe there will be "No" limitation on traffic data sending across different report suite for you account. However, Its all about how many individual server call has been send to your each report suite Id accordingly.

Connect with your Adobe Account Manager to get more details for each server call costs and its limitation.

Or else send a mail to from support user account to know further clarification.