Referrer Type Split and Total Unique Visitors or Instances not matching

tirumalac260025 11-12-2017

Hi All,

We have implemented the Adobe base code for our site Per and post login. When we look into referrer type split data is not matching overall Unique Visitors or instances. Below is the screenshot,


By default this bucketing is done in Adobe, but not sure why i can't see split is matching with instances and unique visitors. We should not add Unique visitor because same users may come through search engine and referring domain also. But Instances also not matching,

Overall Page Views - nearly 900K

Referrer Type Split. - 10,495 Instances

Can you please help. Thanks in advance.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Tirumal,

It is because of the Internal Filters you have set for your Report Suite.

The traffic from your internal domains will not be bucketed under these 4 categories of Referrer Type and thus the gap.

Set your Marketing Channel and use it to have perfect matching since it have seperate channel to track the internal domains.

Thank You!