Referrer Instances & Visits

juheek95132249 16-07-2018


I have a query about the Referrer.


Sums of Referrer Instances and Referrer Visits is similar.

but, between site visits and referrer instances or referrer visits, there is a big gap.

is it possible to come to a site without referrer?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


There is another entry in Referrer type that is not shown here. It is only available in Data Warehouse reports - Inside your site.

This is when the visits begin from within the site itself. Example, I go to a website and then stop browsing it. I do not close the tab. Later on, (more than 30 minutes) I start browsing the site again from the same tab. This means my visit began from inside the site.

You can find it mentioned here: Referrer Type


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