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morvaride921412 14-02-2019

I am trying to measure my campaign effectiveness for retaining users over time through cohort analysis.

Even though, I'm using the same date range and parameters for Inclusion criteria, the data shown within the cohort table for both visits and orders are way below than when I build/pull it within a freeform table.

Does anyone know why and what is causing the gap?!

Thank you!

I've attached the screenshots if it helps:


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morvaride921412 15-02-2019

I would be happy if my numbers were as close as they're shown in your week by week comparison : ) I could live with minor gap as long as data are aligned. The major issue is "orders submitted"; cohort table shows only 30% of numbers reflected in the freeform, now I am wondering which one is accurate?!


Replacing Visits with Unique Visitors in the freeform table should fix the issue. However, I'm seeing a discrepancy anyway. Attaching another screenshot for a better week-by-week comparison:

The numbers do not match for the first and last weeks.