Not able to download PDF or send PDF in Workspace

brandon_choi11 09-01-2017


I'm trying to download a PDF for my Workspace, however, this functionality is not working for me.  When I go to Share > Send File Now, it only states "Your download has been requested. Please wait".  However, nothing happens.

Also, when I go to Project > Download PDF, nothing happens. 

Does anyone know why I cannot download or send PDFs in Workspace?  Is this a known issue?  Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Community Manager

Hi Brandon & Jennifer,

This is a known issue in Workspace reports. Customer Care has been provided a script from engineering that is designed to fix download issues AWS reports. Please open a ticket with the project(s) name(s), as well as the owner of the project. Customer Care will the run the script and fix the issue.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

jenniferd532572 09-01-2017

I've been having the same problem since last week... sometimes if I keep requesting it will eventually come through; but many of my larger reports are missing sections of data: partial freeform analysis (i.e. cut off in the middle) and a lot of completely missing freeform analysis tables. I suspect that the adobe server is having processing issues and it's crashing less than gracefully. I hope this issue gets resolved soon. It worked fine last month.