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tobyc49922805 27-06-2016


I have been asked by a colleague to collate the top articles for a certain section of our website. For each of these pages they would also like a breakdown of the most popular previous and next pages viewed. I want to collate this data in a usable format that can be sent regularly. As Workspace doesn't appear to support pathing data for now, I have turned to report builder.

I can run previous page and next page reports in report builder using the Page Name Paths tool, and I can run dependant requests for individual entries in a data table. However, the request in question requires the top previous / next pages for potentially hundreds of pages. Before I set about manually creating a previous and next page report for each page, does anyone know a way to create a breakdown style report for next or previous pages in report builder?


Page 1

Next Page A

Next Page B

Next Page C

Next Page D

Next Page E

Page 2

Next Page 1

Next Page 2

Next Page 3

Next Page 4

Next Page 5


Any help would be hugely appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

ryanpraski 28-06-2016

Hi Toby,

How about in the Report Builder Request Wizard Step 1 of 2 choosing Paths > Page > Page Paths Report then in Step 2 of 2 click on the filter link next to the Page Paths and click to edit the Search Expression. Drag over Anything except Entered Site to the Pattern Builder Canvas followed by Anything except Exited Site. See the screen shot below.



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