Next Page Flow "Exited Site" vs eVar Filtered Exit Links Report

MDCragg69 07-11-2018


I'm comparing two reports.  One is the Next Page Flow report which, of course, has a count for "Exited Site".  I also have an Exit Links report with a Segment applied based on an eVar we set up specifying an individual page's URL (the goal was to filter an Exit Links report to show exits from a specific page).

The problem is the "Exited Site" count on the Next Page Flow report for the page and the overall count of exit link clicks on the eVar Segmented Exit Links report are different.  The two different approaches to getting exits produce different numbers.  Therefore the way they're calculated with what's counted as an "exit" and what isn't must be different.  Does anyone know why they're different?

Thank you so much for any response.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


The main difference would be in your flow report it was the last image request - they may or may not have clicked a link. Your exit links report requires the user actually click an external link to leave the site.

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Answers (1)

MDCragg69 15-11-2018

Thank you so much for the response.  This helped me understand the difference.  I wish there was a consolidated "clicks" report one could get for a single page containing both exit and non-exit links.