Missing Segemntation Option with Calculated Metrics

johannesw114391 28-06-2018

Hi everyone,

I tried to create a calculated metrics using a standard metric (Visits) which I wanted to apply a segment to. I know this option exists, however, it does not show in the "+Add"-Dropdown (only the options "Container", "Container from selection" and "Static Number" are shown).

Might there be a restriction-problem and if yes, can I solve this without Adobe support? I already checked User Restrictions and it looks like I don't have any...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


If you've already created at least one segment, I guarantee this is going to be a permissions issue. I have the following 4 options when clicking Add in the calc metric builder:




Static Number

Talk with a user in your organization who has admin permissions and see if you're able to get things squared away there.

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