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jefff46594541 12-09-2019

As I understand it, Activity Map comes with Analytics now.  The problem I am currently having is that one of my sites, the dev site, will report contextData when clicking on links (the contextData['], among other variables, are set ... which I confirm via the debugger) however my staging site does not show that these values are being set at all.  I am not sure if it matters, but I noticed my dev site has "Cookies Enabled" set to "Y" while my staging site has them set to "N". 

Does anyone have an idea of what the problem is, or at the very least, where I can find the information needed?

Thank you in advance!


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jefff46594541 13-09-2019


For whatever reason, the answer was to set the Analytics Extension "Domain Periods" to 3 ... even though the number of actual periods for my site is 2.  I have no idea why this is the case, it is contrary to documentation, but I found the answer to my issue buried in this forum.

Thank you,



Probably Yes! N (No) means cookie hasn't been set. It can be the scenario where browser blocks the cookie or cookie wasn't set by any reason.


  • Look for s_cc cookie on site its value should be true.
  • Check if s_sq cookie is being created; s_sq cookie contains the Activity Map data which is passed with the next image request. Without s_sq cookie being created, no Activity Data is passed in the contex data.
  • s.linkInternalFilters: If the first link clicked by the user is an exit link and internal URLs are no specified in s.linkInternalFIlters, s_sq cookie will not be created.
  • Adobe do not track click data for the customer webpage when the customer is using Activity Map.
  • Check if your launch code is published to stg.