Internet Explorer 11 fires the ghost pageview

jeffg13165172 18-12-2018

Faced with the problem in Internet Explorer 11 when we click on some links, navigation buttons, we see:

1. Event click fires (it's OK)

2. Additional pageview fires after the next page is loaded. This pageview populate link name that was clicked on the prev page in prop22 and in prop51 push the pagename value from previous page.

In all other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) such pageview doesn't fire (fires only the first event click).

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s_code tag-manager/s_code22.js at master · dezostus/tag-manager · GitHub

IMS standard handler js library tag-manager/IMS_standard_handler.js at master · dezostus/tag-manager · GitHub

How to fix this, any ideas?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pabloc82923542 18-12-2018

Maybe instead of direct firing teh js library this way.

What if you used a direct call rule? The direct call rule could be setup to fire custom event(s) and ensure no second page view incremented.(or incremented when needed).

Your code only needs to fire the satellite track of rule then, giving you more control.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

jeffg13165172 18-12-2018

Thanks for answer! We already use activity map, but some extra problem is that we must use Signal for tag implementation. So, we need to use existing custom js handlers for events.

I found, that the pageview isn't ghost, it just grab wrong values.

In all other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) such pageview fires BUT doesn't populate prop22, prop51 (they are null) and doesn't grab values from prev page.

It seems, that something wrong in processing js library by IE when we go to the next page after clicking.

pabloc82923542 18-12-2018

I think you should be using activity map here VS custom event/link code tracking.

If your page has series of links and buttons traditionally tagged then it will be a much more efficient manner to track things.

Use custom link tracking for the special needs or cases of page markup that doesnt allow for activity map tracking. It will also bypas the nuances of how one browser vs another reacts with custom code. You also can then generate a sort of heat map if desired..