InternalURLFilters settings for AA UI

muthu1985 22-05-2018


If we want to stop capturing our own domain in the referrer report then we need to add our domain urls in InternalURLFilters setting in Adobe Analytics. But, if i understand correctly, that would work for AA UI report but not for Clickstream raw data feed file(referrer & post_referrer column). Can you tell me what needs to be done to stop that in Clickstream data too.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


I would highly advise against attempting to change the referrer or post_referrer value in data feeds. There could be quite a few potential issues that arise if you do.

Instead, I'd recommend either adjusting your query to the data feed to exclude internal domains, or pass the referrer value into a custom variable and omit instances where the URL is internal.

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