Incorrect data getting in Analytic

anilu22818467 13-08-2018

Hi All,

When I am looking out the shopping cart funnel for my website that time I get the number of orders are greater than checkouts....

Exam:- Checkouts No: 16067

and      Order No:          17175

So can you please tell me as where I am getting the wrong information and how I can correct that one. Also where I need to focus for implementing the right things to avoid these type of issues in future.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Anil,

Order is the number of times the purchase event is set.

So you should be careful while setting the purchase event. Purchase Events link will help you on the additional notes while implementation.

Thank You


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Answers (1)


Your issue is going to be 100% in your implementation. You'll want to double check and make sure that the checkout is firing all the times it should, and that the purchase event is not being fired more times than it should. One of those two instances are going to be your culprit. Once identified, you can adjust the implementation code to resolve it moving forward.