Image beacon will be processed at Adobe server?

dinesh_b_kumar_ 02-08-2019

Hi Team,

I firing image beacon using Ensighten built in method as shown below.


I am able to see the image beacon firing on the page as shown in the attachment, but I am not seeing the data in the workspace. Please reply asap.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hey Dinesh,

The syntax for s.eVar is incorrect. This type of variables should be passed to the collection server as "v" query string parameter.

Consider the following syntax instead:

Bootstrapper.imageRequest("//,hpi-hphqelite1.0/1/JS-1.4.4/s"+a+ "?v81="+eVar81);

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

dinesh_b_kumar_ 03-08-2019

Hi Andrey,

if we pass "#" in the products variable, after "#' values are getting truncated. See below example.

products = "abcd#uzzz";

Bootstrapper.imageRequest("//,hpi-hphqelite1.0/1/JS-1.4.4/s"+a+ "?products="+products);

In the image beacon,we are seeing only values before #, nothing after #.

products = abcd.

Please help me here.