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cathyw49544988 11-12-2017

As I know adobe has IP address info, but it is but accessible by user. I really like to have this data in my database and later on I can filter out any IP address in my report. What will be the easiest way to get this info and set it to a variable and send to server?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Rydal_Williams 13-12-2017

There are a couple of ways I'll recommend.

If you have access to processing rules, then set a rule to always execute that overwrites the value of a configured eVar with IP address then you are all set.


If you don't have access to processing rules, then you will need to do some coding from the server that renders the pages, pass the IP address to your data layer/any object on page and then pick it up from your tag manager/code and set an eVar.

Once the eVar is setup, you may then use it from within Adobe Reports and using it in segments. Hope this helps.

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Answers (7)


Within the Adobe Analytics tool there are 3 main ways to deal with IP address exclusions:

1) Out of the box "Exclude by IP" functionality

This method can be accessed by going to the global 'Admin' drop down menu and selecting "Exclude by IP".  Instructions on how to use this are contained within the page and it is by far the easiest method of removing traffic from specific IP addresses/ranges.

However, the disadvantage of this is that any excluded data is effectively lost for ever so this is not suitable if you ever want to analyse data from internal traffic for a given report suite.

Hint: what is not immediately obvious is that the exclusions work on a report suite by report suite basis - you need to make sure the correct report suite is selected in the top right hand corner

2) Get Adobe engineering to build a DB VISTA Rule

Typically this method would be used if you wanted to siphon off the internal traffic into a separate report suite to analyse separately from your external traffic.  However, Adobe engineering have an awful lot of flexibility within VISTA rules you are not limited on just siphoning data to a separate report suite if you can think of something more creative that you want to do!

The basic approach would be for Adobe Engineering to build a "DB" (Database) Vista rule that allow you to upload and manage via FTP a list of IP address that are excluded (i.e. allowing you to manage going forward without further intervention from Adobe Engineering).

As with all VISTA rules there will almost certainly be a cost associated with this.  Speak to your engagement manager if you want to go down this route.

3) Use Processing Rules in combination with Virtual Report Suites [MY PREFERRED METHOD]

IP address is available in processing rules, even if you've set your privacy settings to remove IP address from your data.

This means you can using processing rules to set a value into a variable whenever you see an internal IP address (e.g. overwrite prop1 with a custom value of "internal traffic")

The value captured can be used to segment your data or, as we do, used to created virtual report suites (e.g. one with external traffic, one with internal traffic)

The advantages of this is that it is non destructive and there is no cost.

Hope this helps,


Community Manager

Thank you for the clarification. I believe you can do that with processing rules, but I'll move your question to the Adobe Analytics​ community so the Analytics experts can provide the best solution.

cathyw49544988 12-12-2017

No. I am trying to filter out like visitor from my company, or any IP if I don't want to involve. Maybe I should say the IP of visitors who come to our website.

Community Manager

I'm not sure what you mean by user's IP. Are you trying to filter out all traffic coming from Adobe Employees within our various offices?

cathyw49544988 11-12-2017

Actually  I want to know user's IP not adobe server IP.  For example, I may want to filter the internal IPs. If I have all the user's IP in my database, then I can define any filter I want at report level. I know DTM can specify upto 5 IPs at data collection time. I don't want to implement in this way, I want all the data get into my database.

Community Manager

Here is a list of IP addresses used in Adobe Analytics. Did you need something further than this? If so can you tell me more of what you are trying to accomplish?

IP addresses used in the Adobe Analytics Cloud