How to tell how many people who downloaded something then filled out a form?

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H_L 23-07-2019

You may use "sequential segment", at Visitor Level,

Download Link exists, (or contains any keywords you want)


Form Launch (could be event as well) exists


Form Complete (could be event as well) exists

Use unique visitors as metrics.

the passport is: download link is tracked, the fill form action is tracked.



You have the ability to track download links. I've linked some documentation on how this is implemented.

Configuring Link Tracking for Adobe Analytics

If that is configured you can then create a segment of people that filled out the form and clicked the download link.


Steven Hofheins | Adobe Support


An addition to H_L's suggestion, you may also want to use the Fallout visualisation in Analysis Workspace where Form Launch will be the first checkpoint and Form Complete the second one.

pabloc82923542 12-09-2019

I just create 2 separate events:

Form Completion Event

File Download Event

Each triggered separately but since they are events I can then group users/visitors where event 1 or 2 or both are present.

Create segments as needed to understand behaviours.

Good Luck to you.

elenar64843464 11-09-2019

I reread this today and realized I worked it wrong. I want to see the people who took the action of downloading something and then as a separate action filled out a form. Are interacting with downloads increasing form submissions or are they separate kinds of visitors?