How to get the "Referrer Types" from the data feed

kentxin 21-07-2019

Hi all.

We are trying to get the segment "Referrer Types", which exists in the Adobe Analytics Workspace, from the row hit data in the data feed.

There seems to be many columns corresponding to "Referrer Types" such as ref_type, visit_ref_type and first_hit_ref_type and these columns contains the values which are not in the value in the "Referrer Type" such as "Inside your Site", "Email" and "No JavaScript".

Which columns should I use and how can I get exact the same segment as "Referrer Type" ?

I read the official document about it but I can't  understand the concrete process how "Referrer Type" are derived.

I would appreciate if you could answer my question.


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Hi Kentxin,

To extract Referrer Type from Data Feeds kindly referrer to the column name "ref_type" which has a numeric ID representing the type of referral for the hit. Below are the look values for the same.

1: Inside your site

2: Other web sites

3: Search engines

4: Hard drive


6: Typed/Bookmarked (no referrer)

7: Email

8: No JavaScript

9: Social Networks

Here is a link document mentioning the same Data column reference.

kentxin 28-07-2019

Dear Balaji

Yes, I supposed that output.

This is the output from Adobe Analytics workspace,



and this is the output from my SQL code. What the SQL do is just aggregate page view count , visits, unique visitors group by ref_type.




ref_typenamePage ViewVisitsUnique Visitors
3Search   Engine240778152928136938
8No   Javascripts467192082316609
2Other   Web Sites732754944445166
1Inside   Your Site3828161390671312916

I wonder why these values are different and some ref_type in (2) does not appear in (1), though sum of the page view is same.