How to get average unique visitors count for page view time more than 3 mins?

melvinl35383914 03-05-2019


anyone could advise if i could filter the report to get unique visitors per page for page view time specifically more than 3 mins? i understand using dimension could filter up to 10 steps but is there a way to only filter more than 3 mins?

appreciate your answer.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

brentrad 03-05-2019

I recommend using Analysis Workspace for this.

First, add the unique visitors to the top of a freeform table.


Next, search for "Time spent on page - bucketed" in the filter.


If you mouse over the dimension in the list you will see a small caret symbol (>). Clicking on that allows you to see which buckets are available.


Since you are interested in buckets over 3 minutes, hold "ctrl" while selecting the buckets that are over 3 minutes.


Drag and drop this selection underneath the unique visitors metric in the freeform table.


Lastly, drag the page dimension you are interested in (e.g. page name, URL, etc.) into the table where it says "Drop a Dimension Here". The table will update with the number of unique visitors broken down by timed bucket and page.

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Answers (6)


Hi Melvin,

To build above calculated metrics you will need to create a segment and then use that in calculated metrics builder (all in Adobe analytics, can also do in the workspace).


  1. Go to segment builder
  2. Use the dimension @Brent suggested i.e. TIme spent in page - bucket items.
  3. Add all required time slots one by one with OR condition.
  4. Name it and Save it.
  5. Go to calculate metrics builder
  6. First, drop Fx Mean
  7. Drop above segment
  8. Drop unique visitor metrics in it.
  9. Name it, save it, use it.

My snapshot should help you create a segment and calculated metrics condition, also Yes! we can use calculated metrics in report builder. following links will help you use these metrics in report builder (maybe a youtube search can help you better.)

How to use report builder





Alternatively, you can create calculated metrics to get avg. uniques having page time spent more than 3 min.

Steps to follow:

"Avg. Time Spent on Page > 3 Min" Calculated metrics definition:


"Time Spent on Page - Bucketed > 3 Minutes" Segment definition.


Workspace Sample Report:


Note: the sum of uniques in the different time spent bucket is more than the total unique in the given time frame. As a unique user can be counted in the diffrent bucket in a given time frame.


You can use the Adobe Data Warehouse report (raw data) or Adobe Report Builder (excel plugin) to export up to 50,000 rows.

Helpful links:

Get Data Out



brentrad 05-05-2019

Currently, the max number of rows that you can export is 400 (see this thread: I don't think that there is a limit to the number of pages, however, so if you really wanted to you could copy the table data, paste it in Excel, and then go to the next page (and so on).

melvinl35383914 05-05-2019

Thank you very much Asheesh.

I have another question and hopefully to get an answer,

Is it possible to use metric "unique page view" (available in google analytic) in adobe analytics?

Or, what is the equivalent?

Thank you


melvinl35383914 05-05-2019

hi Brent, thank you for the answer.

hi Asheesh, thank you for the answer.

Apologize that I could not replicate your steps how to get average time spent on page - bucketed > 3 mins.

Can you provide 2nd level details how to form the metrics above?

Is above done with adobe analytic or adobe report builder? Can Adobe report builder get the average time spent on page - bucketed > 3 mins, and time spent on page - bucket > 3 mins using metrics and not using dimension?

if yes, would you be able to provide steps how to do it in adobe report builder?

Thank you


melvinl35383914 04-05-2019

hi, thank you for the answer.

Further question,

1. If I were to pull data from adobe analytic, the maximum that I can pull seems to be 400 rows, but my data has more than 400 row. Is that anywhere that I can expand to include more rows in my report?

thank you