How to display on weekdays of data into Table and Visualization

pradeep_jaiswal 04-07-2017

I am working on login event and login error table, most of the traffic is on weekdays. I would like to hide/remove the weekend data from my table and the visualization. How do i achieve that? I created one segment pqr using the dimension xyz where xyz=monday or tuesday or etc... However breakdown of pqr followed by dates still display the weekend data(though count is zero) after using pqr breakdown.

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Another option would be to use a custom Time Parting variable (you may already have a prop or eVar set aside for this) and then classify Weekday/Weekend. We had a similar idea presented at our Analytics Idol breakout session at Summit where in addition to Weekend, the presenter also classified days that weren't business days (like holidays). Check out the second idea described by Rob Adams here: Analytics Idol 2017 In Review | Adobe

Hope that helps!

rameshk28785 05-07-2017

Hi Pradeep,

Drag 'Day' from dimension (select only weekday's from day dimension) and add the metrics you want to show. (see the below screenshot). Hope It helps.


rameshk28785 10-07-2017

Hi Pradeep,

Ok, If you want to show only weekdays with out any weekend (in rows as empty) then I guess you need to drag weekdays 'Day' to rows from that Month (OR) Create segment to add only weekdays as 'Day' from that Month.

pradeep_jaiswal 10-07-2017

I did try this approach, but the problem of having 0 count in the table is that, it would display the drop in the trend report on weekend. It may deviate the focus/purpose of the visualization. I wanted visualization to only display weekdays of data trend, as we already know that traffic is very less on weekend.

rameshk28785 10-07-2017

Hi Pradeep,

You can add segment to exclude weekend days for that Month (See the screenshot) and it shows only weekdays total for that Month.


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Hi Pradeep,

In the reply editor you will see an 'Insert image' option on the top. Click on that and you will be able to add the image in your comment.


pradeep_jaiswal 07-07-2017

1) How did u add image to your comment? I was not able to do so.

2) Sorry I forgot to tell you, Days are the breakdown rows in my table, it would be a month data so i wont be able to drag 20 weekdays into column. Can we create any segment or something by which only weekdays are displayed into rows during the breakdown ?