How to access hit depth report from API in Adobe Analytics?

luism61809511 19-08-2016

How can I access the Hit Depth report from the API? I'm trying to extract the sequence of pages/actions taken by visitors, as I do in the Analysis Workspace by using the Hit Depth report. 

However, when using the API, this report is not available in the list of Elements. How can I replicate this functionality in code? Any ideas?


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

luism61809511 22-08-2016

Thanks Hyder. Indeed I'm now able to check on the hit depth for pages only. However, when I try to check on the hit depth for other actions, such as downloads, internal searches, etcetera, there's no data in the pageDepth report.  I'm try to recreate full paths for specific visitors.

In Analysis Workspace this report is called Hit Depth and it can tell the Hit Depth for any event. Do you know if this report or something similar is available from the API?