How do i measure scroll tracking as an interaction?

angelad64963316 06-08-2019

I have a request from the business to measure when a visitor arrives on a page, and if they scroll.  How far they scroll etc.  But we also consider this as an interaction and want to ping a 2nd image request to Adobe.  With the getPercentplugin, my devs are telling me that this isn't possible.  They explain the implementation and i get it.  But we still want to treat scroll to a certain section of the page as an interaction.

We have many pages whereby visitors only visited these pages once, every day for info.  Scroll is probably their only interaction on these pages because they are getting the data they need from these pages.  Should we accept, given the user behaviour that these pages will always have a high bounce rate?

Do i use success events?  i'm being challenged from the dev team on whether this should be treated as a conversion in the first place!


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Accepted Solutions (1)


basically, every time you send information to Adobe Analytics you will get charged for one "Server Call".

In your example with the single page visits you might have just one "Page Load" call, what makes it difficult to say what users have done (eg. how long they stayed, scrolled,...)

using the plugin just collects information without sending it to Adobe. instead, information will be added to the next call - but you don't have one for the single page visits.

that's where you need to decide, if it's worth to have a second server call or not. what is important for your business? what actions might indicate an interest of the user regarding your page?

if you can't use the plugin or the launch extension, you can ask your devs to write similar code. or use some of the built in functions in Adobe DTM.

but first answer the question, if and when you want to collect additional data.

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Answers (2)

angelad64963316 07-08-2019

Hi there

Thanks for responding so quickly. 

Some background:  We haven't migrated over to Launch yet.  We are dealing / in the middle of moving a large number of websites over to a new domain so its a messy time.

With 1), our devs used this, but its not fit for purpose against our business requirements because we are measuring a lot of single page visits.

With 2), we are not there yet with Launch but this does interest me.

Is it true that if we use Success events for each scroll milestone, this could result in multiple, costly, server calls?


there are several options how you can track the interaction, all based on your business requirements (please take this as ideas not as recommendations)

1) plugin "getPercentageViewed" stores how far the user scrolled and adds this information to the next server call. but: if it you don't have a 2nd server call (a single page visit without tracked actions), this information remains unused. you could try to track the unload-event of the browser (little bit shaky, might not work in all cases), maybe only on the first page (in case the user gets to a second page)

2) in launch, there is an extension "time spent and scroll depth": GitHub - janexner/launch-extension-time-spent-and-scroll-depth-event: Extension for Launch, by Adobe...  maybe you trigger a second call on the first page of each visit based on a global definition when to do it (ask business)

personally, I prefer some dynamic setting on the first page of the visit (similar as option 2 above). maybe you have a chance to set the triggers based on the page, maybe the page offers some information if you should track the first page or not... just some ideas....