Hide Standard templates?

cgullestrupNord 14-02-2018

Thank you for the recently added custom templates feature.

I have been looking for a way to hide the Standard templates, because they are too generic for our organisation. Is that possible, or is that planned for a later release?

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

michaelh9186825 08-03-2018

I can only second that request. The standard templates are useless for my organization and the only way of pushing my templates to be seen first is to put a "!" before the name.

Please make it possible to curate that properly!


I looked through our existing ideas, and haven't found any that matches what you're looking for. I also haven't heard anything regarding it on our roadmap, either.

I'd recommend submitting an idea thread here, then linking the thread here so everyone can vote on it.

cgullestrupNord 22-02-2018

Maybe you are misunderstanding my question. We would like to be able to hide the Adobe built-in templates. Is that possible, or is that coming as a future feature?


Thank you 🙂

cgullestrupNord 08-03-2018

I really hope this is implemented at some point, because creating and maintaining templates is very much a responsibility of an administrator and not regular users 🙂


vijayakumar_raj 05-03-2018

Thanks for clarify you query and sorry for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, I do not have answer for this question but hopefully our community people will able to help on this.

As per my understand, there is no options to delete or remove the standard templates workspace from Adobe Analytics (I have tired on my own). May be our Adobe team will consider this query and organize it near future.



vijayakumar_raj 21-02-2018

Hi Cgullestrup,

The "Sample Project" is a default one every new user are able to see this templates in the Workspace category. However, there is no any possible way to delete the sample project instead you can create any custom workspace on your own then the standard templates will be hide default from the workspace.

Hope this helps!