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Rakesh_Pandey 05-09-2016

Hi All,

My name is Rakesh Pandey and i'm with Adobe from last 30 months. I'm part of GDC AEM Team and working as a Front End Developer. I'm eager to learn Adobe Analytics Reporting and Implementation both. 

Anyone can please help me how to start with Adobe Analytics. I already worked in Adobe Target but wanted to learn the concept of Web Analytics.

Best Regards,

Rakesh Pandey

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Community Manager

Hi Rakesh,

Welcome to the community. 

You could start with the Adobe Analytics product documentation -

Also you can check out the Adobe Analytics Youtube channel -

I hope that helps.Thanks. 


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Answers (2)


Hi Rakesh, here are a couple resources I'd highly recommend learning:

Analysis Workspace: Allows you to easily work with dimensions and metrics to get data
DTM: A tag management system that lets you define Analytics variables easily

DTM is what allows you to collect data, Analysis Workspace is what allows you to get insights on that data collected. There are a bunch of other features to both implementation and reporting, but these two I feel would be excellent places to start.