Fallout analysis (analysis worksapce)

Adrian_Ost 31-10-2016


I have a question regarding the Fallout analysis available in Analysis Workspace.

In my mobile app. I have 4 following touchpoints:

  1. Main page
  2. Page A
  3. Page B
  4. Action - "Start"

On Page A and Page B users have possibility to click button "Start".

I wanted to check traffic distribution, therefore I defined in fallout analysis (analysis workspace) 2 reports:

Main page -> Page A -> Start (event)
Main page -> Page B -> Start (event)

I checked data for 1 month and I have some doubts.

I wonder what happens if there is a following situation:

User goes to the Page A then goes to the Page B and press button "Start".

In general it should be assigned to the second path (example above). However I am not sure if in the final results this user won't be calculated also in the first path, becasue he was also on Page A and later on he clicked a button "Start" (even if he did it through the Page B).

Could you please tell me the way how Adobe is calculated the final number of users?



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maureenf8735217 29-11-2016

Hi, Unless you have a segment to exclude visits that went to page B  in the page A path  - the page A path will include visits regardless of what page the visitor went to between A and the Start.