Exit Rate analysis

stefanies325986 23-07-2019

Hi all,

I would like to know about visits that end with our shopping cart page - how do they distribute by product area, marketing channel etc.?

Any suggestions or best practices how this analysis looks like in Workspace or ReportBuilder?



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ashokkumarm 23-07-2019

Hi Stefanie,

I have share some point regarding your queries,

1. Comparing Workspace with Report Builder, Workspace have line item limitation (max. 400)

2. In Excel we have many function to do calculation

3. Comparing Report Builder with Workspace, we have limitation in drilling data (Max. 2 in Report Builder)

Based on requirement, we could choose the correct one.




It looks you want to see visits having product view and cart page view but no purchase? In this case i would create a segment where product and cart page view exist AND purchase doesn't exist. By using this segment on product type or marketing channel report...I can see distribution. Also I would use this segment in flow visualization report as shown here. Configure a flow visualization