Error while scheduling excel(contains Report builder queries) to FTP

nagarjung562116 20-06-2018


I have a workbook with Report Builder queries and i want to schedule it to FTP.

However, i have got a mail with the below:

We were unable to upload your report via FTP due to the following error:

Failed to connect to provided host

Instead your report has been attached to this email.

I have made sure that the ftp credentials are right.(host -

Any help will be much appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

suneeshkachroo 21-06-2018

its an issue with Report builder scheduler you have to reach out to Client care team in this case they will fix it.

While setting up a schedule the report builder looks out for scheduler FTP which sometimes does not work for some user account, just to make sure with that you can check with another user account with same FTP details and same File it should work.



Answers (5)

Answers (5)

nagarjung562116 21-06-2018

Hi Suneesh,

I was able to access with the same set of credentials and I made sure that host and port were exactly right.

Really weird because when I scheduled a datawarehouse request, the files were sent to ftp.

which got me to thinking if the query in excel report builder has anything to do with the issue.

Some additional information about the query:

I have created a error message report for current day with hourly breakdown. I want to schedule the report to the ftp every hour.



rameshk28785 21-06-2018


I hope you are using the latest version of report builder. If not try to install latest version report builder.

If still you are facing any issue reach out to client care.

nagarjung562116 21-06-2018


Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for your comment.

The given credentials were only accessible with host

But I did try with the other hosts and I couldn't access them.



suneeshkachroo 20-06-2018

Can you make sure you are able to access the FTP with the same set of credentials

This looks like an issue with the host  check with the port and Host name and make sure you dont have spaces

Client care should be able to help post those things are validated.



rameshk28785 20-06-2018


Try the below FTP host options: or

If you still facing the same error then contact your Admin or Adobe customer support to fix your issue.