Entry Pages not equal to hit depth 1 or Visit depth 1 Page report

marion33678522 24-01-2018

Hello Adobe Community !

I have a question regarding the Entry Page report.

I tried to simulate the Entry Pages report doing a hit depth = 1 breakdowned with de pages report.

But this did't match.

Then I tried doing the same thing with the Visit Depth = 1 breankdown with pages - but still not the same results than Entry Page.

Could you explain why ?

Cheers to the adobe analytics community !


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

alv123456 24-01-2018

Hit Depth 1 != Entry pages could be when your first hit on the site does not contain a pageName, then it won't be counted as a page view nor as an entry page, afaik.

However I don't know why visit depth doesn't work.

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Answers (10)

alv123456 03-07-2018

Open the developer tools in your browser (usually F12), look for the network tab which displays requests you are sending, look for the tracking request (usually it contains the pattern "/b/ss/" ) and then you can see what you send to Adobe. v's are eVars, c's are props. But it also depends on the implementation.

H_L 02-07-2018

Hello alv12345,

Sorry I have no idea how to get variables of the tracking call, I may need to ask help from IT.

Or please introduce how to get them by Adhoc or DataWare House

Thanks for your reply.


H_L 02-07-2018

Hello marion33678522,

Perhaps in other channel, but what I created segment is for all traffic from "Organic Search" only.

So, I don't see the possibility of that.

Thanks for your reply.


alv123456 22-06-2018

How do the tracking calls look like? You could post the variables of the first tracking call which is sent to the tracking server, then we can tell more.

H_L 21-06-2018


Yes that's possible, but here the problem is, the amount is huge.

There are 2 items, 1 is Home Page, another is Category page, they got about 100K visits/week as the "Entry Page", but only about 1K as the "hit depth = 1".

Frankly speak, I don't really think there are so many visitors did actions as in your posts...

Anyway, thanks for your reply.


kamgir 21-06-2018

One of the reasons when it will not match. suppose you opened the website, session expired and when you came back to the site, you clicked one link which did not generate page view(for example pop-up opened for video) but hit becomes 1. and now you click on the other link and in that case page view is generated, the page becomes the entry page but wont be equivalent to hit=1

H_L 20-06-2018


I have same question today.

My understanding is: the hit depth = 1 is the first page you see.

once any click happens, the hit depth should = 2

It's based on this post: Hit Depth

So, I am wondering why "entry page" cannot match the page those hit depth = 1