Duplicated Sums display in Adobe

jakubl3000 13-03-2019

Hi all,

I would like to ask if there is any way to display sums that are duplicated (as compared to the usual de-duplicated sums displayed everywhere), without downloading the data to Excel and summing in there manually?

What I found was

- if I do a calculated metric and select it to be "TOTAL" (instead of Standard) it gives me just de-duplicated sums, so not what I want

- if I do a calculated metric and insert a "COLUMN SUM" function, it actually gives me precisely what I want, BUT it does not work with monthly granularity, i.e. it always gives the column sum of the entire selected period in a report, I would need it to split it by monthly granularity so that it displays just the COLUMN SUM of each month

Any ideas?



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Yeah, the only other thing I can think of would be to adjust the date range and granularity so the column sum gives you the duplicated data you're looking for. This might take multiple freeform tables, though.

jakubl3000 21-03-2019


Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately it does not change results, results are still a sum of the entire date range and not split per dimension. I suppose it is intended that way, was just wondering if there is no way how to actually split them.




With the month dimension, are you using the purple date one or orange dimension one? Do results change if you switch to the other?