Discrepancy in Analysis Workspace scheduled reports

Muralidharan_Ve 15-10-2019


Recently, in Analysis Workspace scheduled reports we have noticed that page name based, out of box, dimensions (page, exit page etc.) are populated with incorrect values (unspecified) and there is discrepancy in metric numbers as well. The dimension and metric numbers are not getting updated even on refreshing the project.

Only on drag and drop of the dimension (ex. exit page vs occurrences), the report data gets updated and we no longer see "unspecified" in the report.

Has anyone else been facing such issue with workspace scheduled reports? Any help with the above issue is much appreciated.



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It looks like the project may have become corrupt. Are you able to replicate this by creating a new project and scheduling the same? If you still face this issue, it would be best to reach out to Client Care and have them look into this.