Definitions seem to be missing from API 2.0 Swagger

james-ssc 20-09-2019

I'm trying to create a client for the Analytics 2.0 APIs, using the Swagger document:

However, the document has references to a "definitions" node which doesn't seem to exist in the document, e.g.:

"schema" : { "$ref" : "#/definitions/AnalyticsCalculatedMetric" }

As I understand it, this ref should point to a "definitions" node at the root of the document, but that doesn't seem to exist, so my tool can't parse it.

Can you help?

Many thanks,


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

james-ssc 20-09-2019

I shouldn't have marked this as answered, there is still a problem, there are references to definitions that don't exist in the document. Do I need to open a new question?

For example, on line 259 there is a reference to #/definitions/CalcMetricFunction which doesn't exist.

You can see the errors by pasting the swagger.json into the online Swagger Editor:  Swagger Editor