Counting unique users issue

leo_farfalle 29-02-2020


I am trying to get the number of unique visitors detected (as well as new visitor each month and returning visitors).

I have the following issue: 

The number of unique visitors do not match if I compare the number displayed under the Segment details (x of 80 000 unique visitors) and the number I get in the freeform tables (x out of 200 000 unique visitors).

At the end I don't know how many unique visitors are using our application.

See snapshot for details.


Moreover I am unable to show on the report, the details provided in the Segment information panel.





Unique visitor count issue

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Dear Leo, 

The preview shown is for Last 90 Days aggregated together. When i double check it, it is absolutely tallying. Below my screen grab for your reference.


Thank You, Arun.