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krystalm6854925 08-10-2019

I am trying to run a report to see many times someone has clicked on the buttons on my sharepoint home screen.

The purpose is to figure out which item is the most popular and which is the least popular so I can update the content to be more relevant. I obviously don't want to remove a button which people are clicking on.

Anyone know how to do this in Adobe Analytics?



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pabloc82923542 09-10-2019

Activity Map is a Analytics and report suite addition you can turn on to capture link and button info.

You can then get click activity by link and region. The info will appear in next pages page beacon typically.

If this is not enough then try using a custom link tracking using a manual implementation.

good luck to you.

tmhurst88 08-10-2019

Activity map links & instances?

Otherwise have you tried the browser plugin/extension 'Activity Map' by Adobe Analytics? You can see on your page the ranking (or raw value) of link clicks.

Hope that helps!