Classification upload error "First column is required to be the key"

dafyddh67704533 24-08-2016

Hi, I hope someone can help me,

I am attempting to import a classification file and every time I try I get the following error message:

"First column is required to be the key"

The first column in my file is indeed the key so I don't understand what the issue is. I recall having this problem before and removing duplicated rows seemed to do the trick but I am at a loss here.

Can anyone suggest a solution?




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

dafyddh67704533 25-08-2016

Many thanks to both of you for your responses.

I have tried deleting any empty columns above and below the data but when I tried uploading the file again I got the same result.

Attached is a screenshot of the top of the file. The variable is v74 and the the values in the key column are correct. 

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

dafyddh67704533 25-08-2016

Actually I may have solved this.

I re created the file and uploaded this again and it seems to have worked....I started from scratch basically.

I am still unclear as to what the issue was but if I encounter this again I will follow the same course of action.

Many thanks again for your help! (This was my first community post)

KristiB1 25-08-2016

You need a space between row 4 and 5.  I's always best to download the template file first, and then add your data.  Helps keep the gremlins out!


Some of the things that I would check for are:

  • Are there any spaces below the data?
  • Are there any spaces to the right of the data?


For this, you can simply open the file in excel and select all the empty columns to the right of your data and then press delete. Similarly select all rows below your data block and press delete.

KristiB1 24-08-2016

HI Daf - are you able to screen shot your upload file, as well as give details of what variable you are uploading against. this will be the quickest way for the community to help!