Can referrer value be overwrittten?

alv123456 08-08-2018


Since we are having a lot of problems with the referrer report dealing with blank values, we want to override the referrer value in our GTM: whenever there is no referrer, we write a String value.

However it doesn't show up in referrer report. Is referrer report only accepting blank or URLs?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Yes, spaces and other non-URL characters will be removed if they are set in the variable.

Had an issue where I noticed this.

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Answers (2)

alv123456 09-08-2018

Unfortunately we don't, we create the imag tags by ourselves and send them to adobe. We tried to overwrite the "r=" parameter with a string (not an URL), but it won't populate the reports. So my assumption is that the value must have the structure an URL?