Can i give a user admin right to just one reporting suite?

KeeMac 11-05-2017

Hi Folks,

I was just wondering if I can give a user admin right to just one reporting suites.. I don't want this particular user to see all the reporting suite but just the one he has admin rights to.

I can't find any doc about this 😞



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Løjmann 13-05-2017

Hi Kee,

As far as I know, an Admin user will always have access to all report suites and all other settings. There are no levels of admins in Analytics.

And even if you was limiting access via a user group, the admin could go in and add other groups to him/her self 🙂


Saurabh_Kumar1 11-05-2017

Hello Kee,

    I think you can follow these steps -
1. Create a User Group
    Admin -> User Management -> Groups
2. Include your one report suite in that group.
3. Allow All Access or customize the report access as needed.
4. Include that particular user in the above created group.
5. Save the changes.

Saurabh Kumar.